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About The Yellow Room

A young woman is attacked in the middle of the night inside a locked room. There are only two ways out: a dead- bolted door and a single window blocked by iron bars. How did the murderer escape? Solve this perplexing conundrum in Victorian Mysteries®: The Yellow Room.

Made for mystery lovers, The Yellow Room is based on the classic French mystery novel Le Mystère de la Chambre Jaune, written by Gaston Leroux. Although Leroux is better known as the author of Phantom of the Opera, The Mystery of the Yellow Room is regarded as one of the earliest and most complex “locked room” mysteries, which have now become a sub-genre of the mystery literary category.


The daughter of a famous scientist is found the victim of attempted murder. The strange thing is the room is locked from the inside and there are no other ways in. A police detective is involved but the young journalist Joseph Rouletabille is more concerned with unraveling the mystery by use of reasoning and logic.

SUMMARY: Miss Stangerson is found alone and severely injured, moments after being violently attacked in a locked room at the Chateau, a room with absolutely no possible means of escape for the would-be murderer. Or so it appears. Joseph Rouletabille, journalist/detective, is immediately thrust into the investigation of the insoluble crime that would soon electrify all of France. Rouletabille, a mere eighteen years old, is very much in the tradition of Poe's Dupin, believing rational analysis, rather than crawling on all fours around the crime scene, is the key to unraveling those cases that are genuine puzzles, as this one is. (Not that Rouletabille disdains mundane forensics when called for. And when he chooses to crawl about, he does so with a most discerning eye!) [source: Wikipedia]




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